Shaleah was a Metalcore band from Deltona & Deland Florida. These guys were regulars around the 2005-2007 era of daytona shows with a handful of other bands that played almost every weekend out here at these sketchy places called Coffee Connection and The Metal Lounge which included Dying Memories(later Dawn Of Arcadia), The Dead Shall Rise, A Horror Story (later King Conquer), Catalepsy, Awaiting Winter, & Don't Scream Medic. The band was a Christian metalcore act which normally isn't my cup of tea but these dudes where some of the nicest guys I had met in a long time, and you could tell off the bat they really loved what they were doing. I felt that they should have their music shared somewhere. members of Xuna vez masX, Boxing Day & Hurricane Charley

Shaleah was at times:
Carlos Reyes - guitar
Tyler Legacy - vocals
Andrew Catron - guitar
Caleb Degroot - drums
Richard Butcher - guitar
Josh Porter  - bass/vocals


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