City Hunter

City Hunter are a Hardcore Punk band from Denver, Colorado. These guys play short blasts of blown out lo-fi songs with serial killer topics featuring the lead singer having this dark shadowy killer in the night motif complete with knife and as YA put it "Features vocals so fucked and riffs so violent that they must simply be heard to be believed. Not for the timid!". Their EP has been released 3 times so far; the first being in a 70's/80's looking vhs tribute packaging, a second normal press and a third blood bag press all from Blackout Rage Records & distributed by Youth Attack. The band has aso released a live recording cassette called Knife Protocol as well and are currently working on a LP release called "deep blood" (originally posted as being called "open season"). I personally fucking love this band so much and I jam them all the time.

s/t EP

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