Dying Memories

Dying Memories were a Metalcore band from Deltona and later relocated to Orlando, FL. Formed by their first bassist Carlos the band was originally named Point Well Taken & they played mosh oriented metalcore with melodic elements. These guys were Daytona Beach regulars back in the hot days of 2005-2007 era shows as they would come out here almost every weekend to play shows with Shaleah, Catalepsy & The Dead Shall Rise at the local venues known as the Metal Lounge & the Coffee Connection. Later the band would change their name again to Dawn of Acadia and got signed to Hybrid Records in June of 2006. Some of the members would go on to be in Fear The Throne, Catalepsy, Face Down In Blood, Silence The Icon & Hurricane Charley

DM/DOA was:
Stephen - Vocals
Ricky - Drums
Dallon - Guitar
Glenn - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Carlos - Bass


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