Use Your Head

Use Your Head are a hardcore band from Massachusetts formed in 2007. As a band the guys released two demos in 2008. They went on a hiatus in 2009. “this band is not about a gimmick, or an image, you won’t hear about our video shoots, or see our promo pics, you wont hear us talking up our pre-release, or selling 15 dollar shirts at shows. this is an outlet for our anger and frustration with the world. its about going out, playing fast and doing sounding and feeling the way we want to. its about trying to make sense of things in a world of hypocrisy and self interest. its about friendship and the courage to let our voice be heard. use your head!. …Fast heavy hardcore punk from western mass, straightforward and to the point.”  not sure about the other members but Keith went on to be in the amazing hardcore band Alert and Soul Train. (much love keith)

UYH was:
Keith Freeman
Arno Noack
Katherine Hand
Will Hirst


Demo 2008


  1. although we were not a straightedge band we did shared a lot of the same philosophy(some of our members were edge).

    its always cool to stumble upon this kind of stuff though and to see that people have heard our stuff and still mention us here and there. we loved creating this, and we really miss playing shows and really in the end that was what it was all about getting our frustration out, having fun, and hoping someone else could relate to our message understand what we were going through and enjoy it as well.

    as for an update on the other members:

    Katherine and Arno are taking a break from playing shows regularly for a few years to work on their degrees. hopefully we will be working on moving back to maine and setting up a venue/worksop area to work closely with our community and those who helped support our scene out there when we were kids (the kave, the workers center, the DIY scene)

    Will is in an amazing band called REVENGE

    Dave our original drummer (who plays on the demo while will plays 2nd guitar) finished his degree at berkley and moved back home to maine. recently he got back from a winter in ghana and is playing drums and making burritos in bar harbor.

    we never officially played a last show, and are still hoping one day before leaving Massachusetts this will come to fruition but with our schedules getting the 4 of us together is so difficult these days, though its not unreasonable to thing one day not too far from now we will again see the light of day.


    1. i apologize for my early morning typos and spelling errors.

  2. awesome thanks for the update! edge statement has been removed my apologies



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