Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum also for a single show "romney youth" are a Hardcore band from Pallet Town (daytona beach) Florida formed in 2011. Originally formed as a Pokemon themed band, the guys later with some help from a thunder stone Evolved into a band more about the pains of growing up, losing friends, and sellouts amongst other topics. This band is composed of some of my personal good friends and nothing makes me happier then knowing my buds are doing something they enjoy doing, this might not be for everyone but give it a shot. Members of Harvest The Deceased, Ceruleus, Tourist Trap, Slurpee's Rule, Death Blow From A Rainbow, Rapscallion, Forseek, ALB & Ex-Knock Em Dead.

AK is:
Jesse Shelton - vocals
Max Solomon - guitar
Ricky Geary - drums
Keith Everett - bass

Jamie Quinteros - bass
Brandon Murphy - guitar
Dylan Blow - drums
Hunter Young - bass(fill in)
Zach Davis - drums
Erik Pierce - bass

DEMO 2012


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