Night On Earth

Night On Earth was a very short lived melodic hardcore/punk band from Daytona Beach. After writing songs and all that band type stuff they played 3 live shows and called it quits as to not get too hyped up and sell out like most bands, they got back together for Nightlights record release show and then played once more sometime after that. They were going to play at a battle of the bands but before that took place they called it quits a second time. This band ruled and I was very upset at the short life span they had. These jams right here are def winners and lets us hear what could have been the next big thing coming out of this town. If your a fan of Nightlights (also from daytona) then this is right up your alley. Features members of Axis, Meantime, Years From Now, Every Waking Moment, A Game Of You & Virginia Is For Lovers.

NOE was:
michael hawkins - vocals/guitar
shane spiker - bass/vocals
jesse spiker - drums
robert hughes - guitar

futures demo

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