I, Apparatus

I, Apparatus is a four piece hardcore band from Minot, North Dakota, USA. They formed in 2008 as a five piece playing shows in the North and South Dakota area before losing their vocalist and one of the guirarists. They contuined shortly on as a three piece before they found a new singer, but lost her aswell after a tour. They gained a new guitarist and together they deciced to share vocal duties. As a band they have released three EP's (Self Titled, This is Your Derailment, and Iscariot), a 7" vinyl record and In 2011 they recorded their first full length, "Ebola and the Botanist." for fans of Shai Hulud, Defeater, Killing the Dream, Norma Jean, and Fear Before.

I,A is:
Cody Hamm - bass/vocals
Dennis Mikula - guitar/vocals
Patrick Finnicum - guitar/vocals
Bj Moore - drums

Jon - vocals
Tom - guitar
Colee - vocals

Iscariot EP


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