The Ultimate Warriors

The Ultimate Warriors were a Power violence band from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They started as nothing more than a one-off project while they were all underclassmen at Nazareth High, but then they turned into a full time band. I love everything about these guys. There's a ton more stuff by them but the stuff I got up should get you going. The Ultimate Warriors broke up in 2004 after releasing a bunch of 7" records, one full-length LP and being featured on many compilations. They never released anything on CD. Both Brad and Jonny wrestle professionally in the federation Chikara. Members other bands include: The Gatecrashers, Pissed Jeans, Pearls & Brass, and Torchbearer.

TUW was at times:
Brad Fry - vocals/bass
Randy Huth - guitars/programming
Matt Kosloff - vocals
Tim Wynarczuk - drums
Jonny the Catt - antics
Tom Patterson - drums
Pee-Wee - guitar
Paul Jerome Geissenger - bass
Josh Martin - drums

Power Violence Mayhem (two demos + live songs)

Wrestling Is Our Gimmick LP

1999 Demo Cassette

Nazo Wrestle-Violence EP

Kung Fu Rick split

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