These Branches

These Branches are a punk band from New Jersey formed in 2009. The group started as a two piece consisting of Nick and Ryan after playing in the bands Osterii, That Fellow & some others, they wanted to take the sound the previous bands worked on, but never quite fully accomplished. A quicker, catchier and more rock oriented sound was established by the band, playing their first gig on June 12th, 2009. Following countless shows and an EP release- “Blank Pages & Blank Faces”, Nick and Ryan got in touch with their friend Bryan, following his return home from school in NYC. He joined up as a third member in December of 2009. In 2010 they began writing for the new album "This One's On You" and they gained and lost members before becoming a two piece once again. Their song topics include loss, sexuality, friendship, love, social pressures, social expectations, home life, the seasons and how they all shape one’s existence. They also have a side project called Hitchhiker. For fans of lifetime, saves the day, & against me!

TB is:
Nick Hertz- Guitar/Vocals
Bryan Batiste- Drums/Vocals

Tony Jaber- Bass
Ryan Mortola- Drums
Paul Lewis- Bass/B. Vocals

This one's on you

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