Spring Break!

Spring Break! are a Thrash/Death/Grind band from Fontana California formed in 2003. They play songs about Beer, Babes, Metal and Poser Control.This band rules hard and I love them, if I wasn't straight edge i'd down a case of beer while raging in my bedroom. Big ups to the band themselves for hooking me up with their extended 2004 Demo, the original released version has only 4 songs but the guys have hooked me up with a 12 song version. Members of seven sisters of sleep, the arm and sword of a bastard god, street force, nuclear desecration, & colostomy bag.

SB! is:
The Fuckin’ Party Man - vocals
R.P. Faster - guitar
Offensor - guitar
B.T. - drums
Watt, Daniel James - bass

Gore-gensen - bass
Mad Scientist - drums
Brent Bang Hell - guitar
Buff Muffin - drums
Crappy Pete - bass
Hot Impact - ???

oldspringbreak (demo 2004)

altars of radness EP

zombie ritual split

cross examination split

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