Manes was a Black Metal turned Electro Rock-Metal band from Trondheim, Norway, which was formed in 1993. The band started out as a solo project of Cernunnus (Tor-Heldge Skei) called Obscuro, which soon became Perifa & then Manes when it became a two-piece Black Metal band composed of Sargatanas and Cernunnus. After their Demos & 1st LP "Under Ein Blodraud Maane" they became a full band (Sargatanas left at this point) & completely changed it's sound to a hybrid of Jazz, Trip-hop, electronica and Metal with clean sung vocals and many progressive overtones due to member Cernunnus having a lack of motivation and apathy towards the growing metal-scene. In spite of the shift being highly acclaimed by critics this subsequent change of direction has alienated most of their original fan base. For this post I am of course dealing with just the Black Metal version of the band. The newer more odd metal sound is good and all but Manes as a BM band is far more fantastic. If you enjoy this stuff you most likely wont like the newer stuff as they sound like two completely different bands. Members were also in: Atrox, Suffocation, holissstik, kkoagulaa, Keep of Kalessin, Griffin, Godsend, Wåttamezz, Drontheim, Calmcorder, Chton, The 3rd and the Mortal.

-Manes (as a black metal band) was:
Sargatanas - lead vocals
Cernunnus (Tor-Helge Skei) - guitars/keys/electronics/programming

-Manes (as a electro metal band) was at times:
Tor-Helge Skei - guitars/electronics
Torstein Parelius - bass
Eivind Fjoseide - guitars
Tommy Sebastian Halseth - vocals
Asgeir Hatlen - vocals
Emil Sporsheim - vocals
Niklas Olsson - vocals
Malefic - vocals
Tor-Arne Helgesen - drums
Rune Hoemsnes - drums
Krell - bass
Pilsen - synthesizer
Trond - guitar
Knarr- drums
& much more...

Svarte Skoger (includes all 3 demos)

Under ein Blodraud Maane LP

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