The Book Of Dead Names

Book of Dead Names were a Screamo/90's Emo band formed in Minneapolis in the Spring of 1999 by Jamie Munsen and Travis Bos. Within months they had recorded a seven song demo which eventually became a split 7” w/Remingtin: West Fucking Triad as well as a 5” split w/Jerome’s Dream (Witching Hour Records). The releases were followed by a US tour which featured shows alongside the likes of The Locust, Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran and Bread and Circuits. While on this tour, the band also recorded a seven song live set at WFMU which is yet to be released. some time later the band was set to record a final 7” for Blood Of The Young Records, but over the course of a year, BODN changed their minds on the 7” format and agreed to write extra songs, enough for a proper LP release. The album The Story Unfolds was released by Blood of the Young in July 2002. BODN never “officially” broke up. Members of: Song Of Zarathustra, Chariots, The Crush, Infinity Dive, Cadillac Blindside, The Cardinal Sin, Floodplain, Monarques, & Die Electric. This is some really awesome stuff, at times this band reminds me some what of The Crimson Curse.

BODN was at times:
Jamie Munsen - bass
Travis Bos - lead vocals
Andy Richardson - guitar
Eric Newberg - drums
James Russell - guitar
Seth Johnson - bass
Mark Jorgenson - drums
Matt Rezak - Keyboards/b.Vocals/Bass
Jon Ness - drums

She Story Unfolds LP

Jeromes Dream split


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