Le Shok

Le Shok were a synth punk/new wave band from Long Beach, California (originally named The Shok). These were the beginning days of white belts, tight pants, perfect black hair and such. Le Shok formed in 1997 by Asshole Andrew, Joey Juvenile, and Hot Rod Todd. Around this time the guys tryed to convince Justin Pearson to become a member but he declined, & they ended up getting Darryl Licht and Over The Counter Rusty. The band released four 7" records on various labels, and in 2000, Gold Standard Laboratories released the band's sole album, We Are Electrocution, and the band went on a nationwide tour of the United States. Shitty Shaan, who had filled-in for Darryl at shows he couldn't make, was eventually brought on full-time as a second guitarist, until Darryl left the band for good and Shaan switched to keyboards. When Andrew subsequently left the band, Shaan took over guitar duties and John Fones of Tunigs was brought in on keyboards. Following their second US tour, Fones departed and Darryl briefly rejoined the band before Shaan quit, signaling the demise of the band in early 2001. Members were in or went on to be in: Treadwell, The Locust, Holy Molar, Neon King Kong, Action League, Tunigs, Nazti Skinz, The Distraction, T-Cells, FM Bats, Gods Iron Tooth, The Death Drug, I'm Going To Stab You, Strictly Ballroom & Dirty Girls

le shok was at times:
Andrew Reizuch - Guitar
Joey Karam - Drums
Todd Jacobs - Vocals/Bass
Darryl Williams - Keyboards
Rusty Cavender - Bass
Shaan Obney - Guitar/Keyboards
John Fones - Keyboards
Orlando Sanchez - Keyboards
Jimi Hey - Keyboards

we are electrocution

soda pop smash (collection of EPs & splits)

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