The Misfits

Everyone knows the story of The Misfits so I don't need to lay it all out. For a long time everyone's always been about Danzig Or Michale Graves (I happen to like both), but a couple of people might not know that they had 2 other short lived singers: Myke Hideous In 1998 & Zoli Teglas in 2000.

w/ Myke Hideous
Myke (of The Empire Hideous, Spy Society 99 and The Bronx Casket Co.) joined The Misfits in May of 1998 after meeting Jerry Only at a Horror Convention, It was during a tough time for them as Michale Graves had just left the band due to not wanting to do the South American tour they were set to go on. Jerry ended up calling Myke, who ended up dropping everything he was doing at the time & got a passport to tour with them. Myke did vocals as part of the band at all of their shows on the tour and then ended up doing their European tour they had that summer. Afterwords when they returned to the states, he was then replaced when Michale Graves wanted to come back to the band in August 1998. This live bootleg was released un-officially on 12" vinyl and CD and is pretty rare to come by these days.

misfits 98:
Myke Hideous - vocals
Jerry Only - bass/b.vocals
Dr. Chud - drums/b.vocals
Doyle - guitar/b.vocals

Misfits & Myke - Alive in Rosklide Festival Denmark

w/ Zoli Teglas
Zoli (of Ignite, Pennywise, & The Zoli Band fame) Filled in for Michale Graves when he couldn't get into Canada for a tour they were on & once they got back to the states he did guest vocals on a show during their set (which Michale Graves wasn't to happy about as he wasn't told about it before the show). On 25/10/00 during a show in Orlando Florida Graves and Dr. Chud stormed off quitting the band, shortly after that Doyle left the stage in frustration due to equipment problems leaving Jerry Only to play that last song "we are 138" alone. It was after this that Zoli became a short time member of the band so they could go on with their tour (Jerry would do lead vocals at shows Zoli couldn't make it to), and after this everyone knows Jerry took over being the lead vocalist. Track 11 "I turned into a martian" should make one laugh as Zoli trash talks someone that bad mouths him.

misfits 00:
Zoli Teglas - vocals
Jerry Only - bass/b.vocals
Doyle - guitar/b.vocals
Ken "Renfield" Schalk - drums

Misfits & Zoli - Blood Drive at Hidden Valley Irvine CA (28-10-2000)

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