Chapter XI

Chapter XI - Demo.
Chapter XI was a Hardcore Punk band from the Miami Florida area I believe. They were formed by members of The Kurrupted & The Panix. I don't really have much back story on these guys, other than I once booked them a show out here and they were pretty nice guys. I got the self titled demo from them at this show and found some other demo songs. I'm sure someone out there in the punk world might like this stuff. Mike Calabria went on to form a skate-punk band called Break On Through that he fronts and plays guitar in, Austin went on to become the lead guitar player for the metal/rock band Black Tide who is signed to Universal-Interscope, & John Warden drums in the hardcore band Hivemind.

XI was at different times:
Chris Mendonca - vocals
Mike Calabria - guitar
John Larosa - guitar
Mekael Dawson - bass
John Warden - drums
Austin - guitar
Emmett - bass
Mike Kurrupted - drums

self titled demo (+ other demos)

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