NickxFury were a Straightedge hardcore band from Baltimore. They mostly played their local area but also did a few short tours elsewhere. They released their Demo CD-R in 2004 and the self titled 7" in 2005 (I also hear tale of a 2nd Demo that was super limited but i have found nothing on it). After breaking up 3 of the members went on to be in hardcore power house Trapped Under Ice. I fucking love this band, they rule hard. I have been wanting to do a post on them for along time now due to them being one of my favorite bands and now I can do it in style with the Demo finally getting to be released online right here thanks to the awesome dudes from music review Blog The HC/PUNK Demo Tapes Archives. I had sent them a line about getting the mp3s to it and was stoked they sent it, so if you have time check them out.

NXF was:
Vocals - Kenny
Guitar - Justice
Guitar - Sam
Bass - Ian
Drums - Ben
Guitar - Travis(demo)
Drums - Sean(demo)

s/t 7"

04 demo



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