As Hope Dies

As Hope Dies was Melodic Metalcore band from California that formed in 2000. They were very influenced by the Swedish death metal act At The Gates, except they didn't have guitar solos in their songs, instead they focused heavily on harmonized riffs.The band broke up in 2003, and reformed in August 2004 and broke up once again in 2005. These guys played some pretty awesome Metalcore stuff. Members were in or went on to be in Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Force of Change, Nuns With Guns, Antagonist, Blackheart Eulogy, Winds of Plague, Summers End, Scars of Tomorrow, Wage Slave & Sederra.

AHD was at times:
David Richardson - Vocals
Mike Longhair - Guitar
Brandon V.O.A. - Guitar
Justin Smith - Guitar
Troy Bootow - Guitar
Eric Duncan - Guitar
Justin German - Guitar
Paul Wojdat - Guitar
Paul Salem - Bass
Josh Hassebrock - Bass
Eric Bootow - Bass
Griffin Figueroa - Drums
Adam Hunt - Drums

Birthplace and burial site EP

Legions bow to a faceless god LP

As Hope Dies EP

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