The Crimson Curse

The Crimson Curse was a Horrorpunk/Deathrock Punk Hardcore band from California. The band is full of keyboards, noise & incoherent vocals. they had no real meaning what so ever other than to just play shows and start shit with people. Greatest Hits is a comp of their Both Feet In the grave LP & their split 7" with Festival of Dead Deer. Crimson Curse have always been one of those kind of bands that is something special to me. Features members of The Locust, Swing Kids, Some Girls, the album leaf, guyver-one, GoGoGo Airheart, Transfer & Tristeza

CC is:
Damean Alexander - bass
Michael Cooper - drums
James LaValle - guitar
Justin Pearson - vocals
Christopher Sprague - guitar
Evona Waschinski - keyboards

greatest hits + blood thristylust remix EP


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