To An End

To An End is a hardcore band from Canada, that formed in September of 09 by members Keenan & Jon after a few hours talking about what they felt was missing in their local scene. They wanted to offer something back to hardcore & their local scene, so they quickly got in touch with some mutual friends in their brother band Crossings and started rehearsing. with no true boundaries other than to be something different they came up with a handful of songs and played their first show by the end of October. Since then they have recorded this Demo EP and played a number of shows including opening for Trapped Under Ice and Lionheart. Currently they are gearing up to record a 7 inch and to re-record the demo for a formal EP release. I told the guys I was going to post this for them like a few months ago but of course my ass lost the recordings, so finally I got them back to post this now. Sadly i had to upload this with rapidshare due to whatever reasons megaupload & mediafire haven't been working for me.

t.a.n. is:
John E - Vocals
Keenan H - Vocals
Rob F - Guitar
Caden B - Guitar
Rob L - Bass
Nic B - Drums

demo ep.

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