Aaskereia - Mit Raben und Wölfen & Zwischen den welten
Aaskereia is a Pagan Melodic Black Metal band from Germany formed in 1997. Aaskereia focuses on the melodic sound of their guitars very much & the vocals range from clear singing passages to howling with the band’s lyrics mostly focusing on death, battles that are fought, dark and tragic romance, or the woods and everything that is inside them or happening inside them. Aaskereia is sometimes accused of being national socialistic, but their website states that they dissociate themselves from any political ideology. These guys are fantastic, & one of my favorite black metal bands today. Current & ex-members are or were also in Brocken Moon, Wolfsthron, Mähdrescher, Korakhtor, Geweih, Todesweihe, Irrlycht, Isenheim, Wolfsschrei, Odal, Erhabenheit, & Corporal Punishment

Grim - Vocals
Halvar Norgesverd - Guitar
Eihwaz - Acoustic Guitar
Yord - Acoustic Guitar
Morgoth - Bass
Fafnir - Drums

Former/past members:
Naudhiz - Bass, Lead Guitar (-2003)
Frank - Drums (-2002)
Fenrag - Guitar (-2004)
Sar - Bass (-2006)

Mit Raben und Wölfen

zwischen den welten


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