Some Mistakes

Some Mistakes are a melodic hardcore band from Atlanta Georgia formed in 2010. Normally i like to write up my own description of every band or at least put something they have in my own words but I'm letting member Will's description he sent me of his band to be the bio.

"We are a melodic hardcore band from the Atlanta, GA area(we all live in different parts) and we are a band made up of bestfriends who have known each other since middle school and highschool. Our music is an outlet for us and we write the most passionate music that we can. We are influenced by all of our favorite bands like American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War, Suicide File(hence the name), Unbroken, Life Long Tragedy, You And I, Funeral Diner, Portrait, The Smiths, Shai Hulud, Strongarm, Neurosis, Isis all kinds of stuff. We might not sound like all those bands but we try to throw in all of our influences as much as possible, our lyrics are about things that have happened to me and things that I hope other people relate to. Aspirations is about my family's problems that have been around before I was even born and it's dedicated to my deceased older brother who committed suicide when I was eleven. Our lyrics range from relationships, family, life, love, death, politics and everything that affects us, we write music so that we can inspire people like bands like AN and so many great bands did for us." - Will

SM is:
Will, Nick, Timmy, Tom, & Patrick


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