Axis are a Hardcore band from Florida that formed in 2010. members have come & gone but this band is still always amazing; formally from  Daytona Beach and later claiming all of Florida for their own Axis are a force of unstoppable 90's inspired heavy hardcore that will leave you wanting to destroy everything in sight. These dudes a little while back put out a new split 7" with self defense family which is the frist release with new vocalist Rafael, & if you dig it you can also check out their new Unsane cover on their bandcamp. Members of: Meantime, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Harbinger, No Harm Done, & Shovelhead

Axis is:
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Dylan Downey - guitar
Rafael Morales - vocals
Jesse Spiker - bass

Mikey Hawkins - bass
Emeila Andrews - vocals
Joshua Bunino - vocals
Shane Spiker - bass
Sam Kooby - guitar (summer tour)

SDF split

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