Asilo are a doom crust band from buenos aires argentina formed in 2009. After releasing three split-cds, a two-track single, and some compilation appearances, these dudes have just released 'Comunión' their first full length. Recorded in Buenos Aires with some additional overdubs recorded in Neuquén Capital, Comunión has 10 tracks, resulting in 53 minutes of music, showing the present of the band with influences involved in Asilo: Doom, Drone Metal, Crust, Hardcore Punk, Industrial, Noisey Post Punk are mixed in the whole album, molding their own sound identity. The album is available for free downloading viabandcamp, & can also be bought on the label Zann's Music that will be releasing it on CD & Distroiart will be releasing it on tape

Asilo somos:
Manuel Platino
Ignacio DP
Sebastián Ferreyra



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