Sisilisko is a doom folk band from Stockholm, Sweden. Waldeinsamkeit was recorded in a studio in an industrial district outside of Stockholm in november 2013. To find material for the four songs on the new ep Waldeinsamkeit, Sisilisko dug deeper than ever before. They also travelled farther from their secure homes; climbed over the walls that surrounds the city. They left the lightened roads and turned towards the forest. Here, in the northern parts of the world, where the forest is a cold, barren and lifeless place during the winters, the smallest holts can appear frightening. The forest – as an entity – has always been divine for mankind. It is an unpredictable place, were birth, life and death acts in symbiosis. These things is frightening for some. They fear the mysticism in the forests, and they dread the creatures that might exist between the trees.  On Waldeinsamkeit Sisilisko explores these forests, and illustrate how paradoxical it is that we turn our faces away when we confronts our fears. Instead we should embrace them – look into the darkness, and enter the forests, because it is strengthening in itself to face our fears.

Sislisko is:
Albin Boman
Peter Engqvist



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