We're Not Dead

We're Not Dead are a Hardcore Punk band from Daytona Beach, Florida. This is my third post so check the others. This download comes from the forthcoming 9 song EP, "Our Problems Are Better Than Your Problems," which was suppose to come out as On 7" from Point Records in summer 2013 but due to problems has become an online release, so check out these songs and if you dig buy the full EP on bandcamp for only $5. These songs includes an Silent Majority cover. Great band playing great music made up of even greater dudes jah bless Tractor Man. features members of: Axis, Years From Now, Portals, No Harm Done, Bestiarii, Night On Earth, Total Recall, Virginia Is For Lovers, Excarnation, Same Mistake, Mothers of Dead Mother Fuckers & A Crown Disowned.

WND is:
Mike - guitar
Derrick - guitar
Shane - bass
Tommy - drums
Mikey - vocals

Our Problems Are Better Than Your Problems EP(sampler)


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