Stangers Now / Enta

 St. Louis, MO. band Strangers Now present a straight up passionate, melodic hardcore sound in the vein of Midwest hardcore act Modern Life is War. In this split, the band features a sharp and reinvented sound, honing in on their emotive hardcore tendencies while channeling in some older screamo influences.

SN is:
Ben Teter- Vocals
Micah Kelleher- Guitar
Matt Boswell-Bass

Champaign, IL. based band Enta are a passionate Midwestern post-rock/screamo foursome made up of a sound similar to a mixture of Raein, Explosions in the Sky, Envy, and Mono. With members coming from varied musical backgrounds, the band’s sound is truly beautiful and unique, while carrying the passion of the influential bands that came before them.

enta is:
Nick Brannock-Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Lee-Guitar/Vocals
Andy Manaster-Bass
Andrew Pritchard-Drums

Split 10"
Bandcamp (stream/or buy)
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