Stand Alone Complex

Stand Alone Complex Is a one man lo-fi, noise, folkpunk project from Portsmouth UK formed in 2010. SAC Influences are drawn from surreal Japanese films, computer games, drugs, astronomy and an irrational fear of drowning. This album "Broken sleep in a minor key (re-records and other conforming)" is a collection of re-recorded older SAC tracks with some re-mixed newer stuff to tide people over while a new EP is being recorded. Started as a side project whilst sole member Damon was playing in other bands but SAC ended up being a full time band within itself which although remaining a solo affair does frequently feature his friends and other local musicians. Download it free/name your price on bandcamp and check out all his other releases as well.

SAC is:
Damon Marcus - Everything

Broken sleep in a minor key
(re-records and other conforming)


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