Meantime was a Heavy Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, FL formed in 2006. The band formed during the active time of members Mike & Alexx's other band Years From Now and went on to be a very noteworthy Florida hardcore band with their dark, angry and heavy as nails sound. As a band they played Eulogy Fest 08, This Is Hardcore 08, had two US tours, and they released two demos(06 & 07), a self titled EP 7" on Double Or Nothing records, a split 7" with Atlanta's Foundation on Ghetto Josh Records, and had a track on the We Are The Underground zine compilation. features members of Axis, Nightlights, Nervous Breakdown, Know The Score, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Jurassic Shark, & Catalepsy.

meantime was at times:
Alexx Klepper - vocals
Michael Hawkins - guitar/bass
Jesse Spiker - drums
Matthew Selover - guitar
Patrick Chumley - guitar
Chris Tharp - bass
Josh Norton - bass
Josh Call - bass
Eddie Shearrow - guest/fill in vocals


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