Tyrell's Owl

Tyrell's Owl are a Neocrust band from Budapest, Hungary formed in 2010. These dudes just recorded their first EP called Empathy Test. This band sounds great with it's mixture of dark d-beat and slow/fast hardcore with splashes of melodic parts. The band's name & EP title are inspired from Philip K. Dick's book "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" & movie Blade Runner which fucking rules. for fans of Fall Of Efrafa & Alpinist.

Tryell's Owl is:
csirke - bass
márkus - vocals
lajosbá - vocals
fefe - guitar
marci - guitar
lali - drums

Empathy Test EP


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  1. Hey hey!
    the band dosent exist anymore but still, do check out the second recording, too at: https://tyrellsowl.bandcamp.com/
    Bests, V



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