Fate Of The Sparrow

 *This post is pretty much for friends and old daytona locals, so it might not be for all of the WABW? followers out there.

Fate Of The Sparrow was a rock & roll influenced metalcore band from Daytona Beach formed in 2003. I used to watch these guys play just about every week during their time as band mostly at the Seabreeze Metal Lounge & I've been either friends or at least acquaintances with the members for a long time so I felt I should have a post for them. The group was originally formed by the Taylor brothers after the collapse of their previous band Wrestling Shadows (the other half of the WS members would go on to be Radon Moon), and they were soon joined by Brian, Billy and Andrew. I only got to see this line up live once in 2004 and soon after this show Andrew and Billy both quit, Billy would go on to be in Metalcore outfit Amongst The Fallen (Andrew was also a member for a short time) and Pat from 16 Bit Slaughter & Adrienne from Still Cold joined soon after. For most of the bands life this was the main line up. Sometimes Andrew would pop up at shows and do duel vocals on select songs before joining the band This Solemn Vow. Eventually Adrienne was no longer happy being in the group and left the to join Metal band Aeon Wraith and Jimmy took over lead vocals and continued the band on for a time until Pat & Brian also left to form a short lived tech-metal inspired hardcore band called Thus A Tyrant. Right before FOTS broke up Jimmy also joined the Metal band So Death May Die as second guitar & lead vocals but they were also on their last leg breaking up with members forming a short lived avante-garde project called Señor Muerte. Jimmy and Ryan would then form a new Rock & Roll band called Crimson Valkyrie. When Amongst The Fallen broke up Billy would go on to be in Metalcore band The Dead Shall Rise and finally became an on/off member of Harvest The Deceased before they broke up, Adrienne left Aeon Wraith and would go on to be in the Industrial band SML8 and After the fall of Thus A Tyrant Pat joined vegan sludge metal band Khann (Brian was also a member for a short time as well) before he went on to be in Daytona Hardcore power houses Axis and Meantime.

FOTS was at times:
Jimmy Taylor - guitar/vocals
Ryan Taylor -drums/b.voals
Brian Berberich - guitar
Pat Chumley - bass
Adrienne Noyes - vocals
Andrew Gerace - vocals
Billy Turk - bass

Demo I/II/III Collection

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