Cling To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Nesseria

Another submission from Throatruiner Records:

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE (Denver - USA) are without a doubt one of the most apocalyptic bands these days : between blackened grindcore and filthy sludge, these four tracks are the perfect blend of all the most extreme stuff you could find. For fans of Today Is The Day, Robinson, Admiral Angry, Khanate...

cling to the trees of a forest fire are:
Zach Harlan - bass
John D. Damron - drums
Ethan - vocals

On the other side, NESSERIA (Orléans - France) is delivering here their best material to date, still as intense and pissed than on their previous full-length, but in a dirtier and more complex way. For fans of The Secret, Buried Inside, Cursed or Trap Them!

Nesseria is:
Ben - guitar
Jerome - guitar
Greg - drums
Julien - bass
Adrien - voice


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