Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes

Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes was a screamo band from South Dakota that started off as a seven piece band with 2 bass players, guitar, 2 vocalists, drums, and keyboards in September 2001. in 2002 They wrote five songs, recorded them and then released them themselves as a self titled ep. They then went on a summer tour across the east coast to promote their five song ep as a six piece band. After the tour they spent all winter writing a new full length. In March of ‘03 they recorded their full length entitled Majestic Blue. In the summer they went on a very short tour which took them through Iowa, to Cornerstone, and to Indianapolis. their original vocalist Brandon DeJong decided to part with the band in October ‘03 making them a single vocal fronted band for the remainder of the time. They recorded some unreleased stuff but I can't find it. Eli & Josh went on to be in the band Roman Ships.

SSRE was at times:
Brogan Costa - Bass
Eli DeGroff - Guitar
Mary Campbell - Keys/Flute
Brandon DeJong - Vocals/Melodica
Aaron Hagen - Vocals
Josh Boyd - Drums
Seth Dekkenga - Bass
Brandon Aegerter - Drums
Erin Toft - Vocals
Matt McFarland - Drums
Elizabeth Andrews - Violin
Andy Clark - Roadie

2002 ep

Majestic Blue

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  1. well! WTF happened! ?? any you birds got an update on this Sink & rise!?