Gathered Here

Gathered Here was a short lived fast Hardcore band from New Orleans. After member Jonathan's preveous band broke up he got together with Greg Stein, Steven Roussell, and Darin Acosta to start Gathered Here. I think they only did local area shows and they never toured. They recorded these songs for a Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead / Gathered Here split 7" that was supposed to come out on Deadtank but it ended up being scraped. Due to problems & such the group broke up before they were to go on Dear Diary's last tour. Features members of Structural Damage, Ghostwood, Hatchback, A Hunger Artist, & Sorority

gh was:
Jonathan West - vocals
Greg Stein - bass
Steven Roussell - drums
D. A. - guitar

Demo (aka: unreleased dear diary split)

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