Waves Crashing Piano chords

Waves Crashing Piano Chords is a Juggalo Power Electronics or "Horrornoise" solo artist from Rochester, New York formed in 2005. Sean originally would do sporadically guerrilla styled unannounced performances in the middle of other band's sets much to their annoyances until he pushed his project to be vastly more serious. His live shows although minimalistic in nature are loud & violent with every appearance being a one man war against the crowd challenging any and all with fists, anger and faygo bottles flying in the air. This 7+ minute single is a brief glimpse into his harsh feedback riddled world and it's free via download on bandcamp (along with a bunch of other releases) and released on single sided 7"s. Sean Also runs the 8track record label H8-Track Stereo and has another noise project called Useless Prick

WCPC is:
Sean Beard - vocals/mic minpulations/violence

I can't get the taste off my tongue

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