Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts are a lofi post punk/garage punk 3 piece from Berlin Germany. Cold, dark and icy post punk hits noisy, nervous and insanely driven punk. Disappointment, irritability, alienation, teen-angst, nightmares and hypnagogic hallucinations, packed on a 7". Cold and bleak, but bouncing in defiance, with sporadic tinges of fear. While other bands of their ilk go for a more sullen approach, PRETTY HURTS harnesses their aggression to power through each song like a well-oiled machine. The band have their EP " Expectations" out on free download via bandcamp and their Vinyl release
is on Grave Imprint & Erste Theke Tontraeger with an edition of 525 copies. members of BDYBLDNG & Single State of Man


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