Street Fighter II is a Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, FL formed in 2015. We write short jams about fighting everyone, taking it to the streets & a video game you probably grew up with. We originally formed just as a one off joke project to do a split with our sister joke band Dale Earnhardt, but then we got asked to play shows for some reason & the split songs later became a demo cassette that we gave out at the first show. Our recordings are awful so don't expect anything great and we're sort of just waiting for capcom (who I'm a big fan of their games) to give us a cease & desist letter currently. This download comes with our Demo 2k15, a new unreleased song and two live sets. do a split with us or put us out on something cool. featuring members of dale earnhardt, crustgirls, allfather, the wretched sea & close the casket

SFII is:
matt randall - vocals
dillon watson - drums
rob faris - guitar
chris cowles - bass

kial jones - bass

Demo 2k15 +more

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