Under A Sky So Blue

Under A Sky So Blue are a three piece screamo band from Athens, GA. These dudes play some beautiful chaotic screamo that belongs in the early 90's. They have released their demo for free download via bandcamp. for fans of Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Joshua Fit For Battle, and Neil Perry. featuring ex-Some Mistakes.."We formed because we all love making music and just wanted to write songs influenced by the bands we bonded over. We learned to play our instruments because we were tired of searching for musicians so we just decided to figure it out for ourselves. We do this because we wanted to create without wanting any bullshit holding us back, so we do everything ourselves, and with our talented friends helping us out along the way. We're an Anarchist band: No government, no homophobia, no sexism, no racism, no social class, no organized religion, and no capitalism. Be your own person. Be your own hero. Don't idolize other humans, we all bleed red."

under is:
Joseph Turner- Vocals, Drums
Aaron Hubbard- Vocals, Guitar
Lucas Carver- Vocals, Bass

demo summer 2014


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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/z897c7152532ti1/Bongley_Dead_-_Demo_n.3_(2014).rar