Clouds Taste Satanic

Clouds Taste Satanic are a Doom band Formed in 2013 in Brooklyn New York. Clouds Taste Satanic have carried with them the slowest, heaviest and evilest elements of their post-rock past to all out doom with their debut, To Sleep Beyond The Earth.  Influences?  From Dopesmoker era Sleep, a grinding tone, a grinding pace and one 45 minute song, divided only by the four parts listed in its’ title and the physical limits of a side of vinyl.  From ‘90’s era Earth, heavy distortion, the absence of vocals and a willingness to repeat a simple riff over and over to create a pummeling form of hypnosis.  The debut full-length was released on Vinyl & CD by Kinda Like Music.

CTS is:
Steve Scavuzzo - Guitar
Christy Davis - Drums
David Weintraub - Guitar
Sean Bay - Bass

To Sleep Beyond The Earth

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