Spit Spewing Snakes

Spit Spewing Snakes are a hardcore/thrash punk band from Detroit, MI. Having been among the churning local Detroit D.I.Y. punk and hardcore scene for several years now, Spit Spewing Snakes are poised to unleash a proper physical release of their new E.P. “Steady Sinking Stones” (recorded and mixed by Chris Trestain and mastered at New Alliance East). This release finds the band honing their craft and integrating everything from Left for Dead and Charles Bronson to Sick of it All and AN into their sonic attack. Featuring four original ragers and an AFI cover, the band will be joining forces with upstart label Dropping Bombs to issue the release on vinyl later this Spring. The record will be available on black, white, and clear vinyl and all copies will feature a screen printed B side, digital download card, stickers, a poster, and a pin.

SSS is:
Spry- Bass
Aaron- Guitar
Juice- Drums
Nate- Vocals

steady sinking stones



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