Swine are a hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2011. The band just released their self funeded debut self titled album for free download via bandcamp "name your price".

"With a "singer" set on sludge punk, a monstrous drummer pounding in some southern metal/hardcore elements, a guitarist who's musical advice is always "faster, with more shouting" and a Bass player caught in a strange Danzig/Hank III love triangle. Laden with feedback (to cover the fuck ups) and balls out intensity (at least one instrument unplugged per show, guaranteed.) Throw in the occasional groove for good measure and you've got and you've got yourself a hardcore punk band "too rowdy to play their instruments" with only the slightest chance of a half-time breakdown and no chance of any 808 drops." - swine

OLLY - Guitar/Vocals
NICK - Bass/Vocals
MAZ - Drums/Vocals
BURDT - Vocals



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