Eva Braun

Eva Braun was a hardcore band from Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. They later changed their name to "Apparitions" I've read due to people refusing to book them, thinking they were a white power band. While their sound remains rooted in contemporary hardcore and post-hardcore acts such as American Nightmare, At the Drive In, Isis, and Circle Takes the Square, their ideals, attitude, and innovative spirit harken back to the glory days of punk rock and heavy metal: Black Flag and Black Sabbath.  featured Dominic Mallary of Last Lights, Haunted Like A House, and God & Country fame.

EB was:
Dominic - guitar/vocals
Cosmo - guitar
Knathaniel 69 - vocals
Pat - drums
Justin - bass

Self Titled


  1. Do you know if this was the only recorded music they released?

  2. im not 100% but i have one more song not in this download that i got from their myspace Im planing on putting up a new DL link with it included asap

  3. Also look into God & Country and Last Lights



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