The Psyke Project

The Psyke Project are a Blackened Post Metal / Sludge Hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia. The music of The Psyke Project can best be described as massive, grim and disturbing - adjectives that just barely describe the dystopian and bonecrushing sounds from this Danish blackened post-hardcore / sludge metal outfit. In it's ten years of existence the band has always been an unique entity, which through artistic integrity, more-than-intense live shows and an strong DIY attitude, has shown the way for a wave of young, heavy bands, not at least in their native Denmark. The band displays this fully on their fifth effort "Guillotine" which will be released on May 6th. "Guillotine" is a non-comprimising monster of an metallic hardcore album on which the band unfolds their bleak musical vision on 11 bonecrushing tracks, produced by Jacob Bredahl (HateSphere, The Kandidate a.o.) and recorded live in only 7 days. The album can be streamed and downloaded from the band's bandcamp for free(name your price), & the physical album will be available as 12” 180g gatefold vinyl on  May 7th.

TPP is:
Martin Nielskov: vocals
Mikkel Vadstrup Schmidt: guitar
Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen: drums
Christian Bonnesen: guitar
Jeppe Skouv: bass


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