Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011. The music ranges from short bursts of punk/crust to midtempo noise-rock dirges to long droney, repetitive pieces influenced by Breach, Black Flag, Swans, Unsane, & Darkthrone. In 2012 a 7-track cassette entitled Bittervatten was released via their our own label Dålig Stämning. For a short December tour with This Gift Is A Curse a limited t-shirt that came with the exclusive track Black Vestals was released. Both the tape and t-shirt/track are now sold out. A 7" of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013. The download is up for free/name your price on their bandcamp. featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others.

Bittervatten +Black Vestals


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