The Hollowmen

The Hollowmen are a hardcore band from Tenerife, Canary Islands formed in 2010. Recently Stomp Records have reissued a 7'' vinyl of their 2011 demo “Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man”, in a limited edition of 300 copies (250 with a new cover, and 50 with an Entombed's Wolverine Blues ripoff cover). The band is influenced by Integrity, In Cold Blood, Ringworm, also adding some touches of black, death and Scandinavian crust flare with their songs dealing with the topics of  nihilistic visions of society, religion and politics. Members of Wreckage, Good Fellaz, Pollution, Against All Hope and Dead Relic

TH is:
Barro - Voice
Ale - Bass
ViK - Drums
Santi - Guitar
David - Guitar

Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man


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