Youth Of Togay

Youth Of Togay are a "queercore" band or a joke hardcore band with gay topics. They formed in the Summer of 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts by the three original members. Patrick, Nic and Evan. Formed under the idea to have fun, parody current hardcore bands, and write uplifting and humorous original songs for vinyl release. This download was originally posted by the band and includes everything they ever recorded. These guys are really fun so check it out if for some reason you've never herd of them. for fans of: Gayrilla Biscuits, Pansy Division, Black Fag, Jewdriver, Transexpistols.

YOT is:
Pat - Drums/Vocals
Nic - Bass/Vocals
Evan - Guitar

other members:
Jesse - Drums
Ric - Drums
Troy - Vocals
Steve - Vocals



  1. Hey, can you re-post Youth Of Togay - Dick-O Graphy. Would be totally appreciated, file expired or deleted.



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